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Sydney is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In addition to the Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, China Town, it is also the beaches such as Bondi Beach or Manly Beach that make this city so magical. Sydney is also home to many up-and-coming companies striving for higher things.

To get some digital marketing boosters for small and medium sized companies, I offer my Digital Marketing Skills in Sydney as well. As an Online Marketing & SEO Freelancer & Business Expert in Sydney / Australia I offer a wide range of services to get found in the organic rankings. Because professional search engine optimization on Google is synonymous with a high number of clicks without paying any money. It’s best to contact me right away!

SEO Sydney mit Khoa

Search Engine Optimization Sydney – Info

You’re wondering if search engine optimization is right for you and you’re still unsure? I hope that I can shed some light here and take away your uncertainty. That’s why I’ll answer the most important questions for you here in advance.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is all about pushing the organic rankings for the desired search terms by choosing the right measures. With visible rankings, the number of visitors to the website also increases to achieve more traffic, leads, sales and other individual goals. Each search term is individual and the chances of ranking for the terms also depend on the competition. Example: SEO Sydney generates a search volume of 2850 in Sistrix for Australia (time March 2022). There is a strong international interest in SEO services for Sydney.

In search engine optimization, three important core areas are used to push the page with the desired search term:

  • technology
  • content
  • backlinks

Usability & UX can also be considered in the extended group of SEO points. But in essence, these three areas form the basic structure of search engine optimization and can be divided into further sub-areas. Search engine optimization has the task of developing the recommended course of action for each page, both strategically and operationally, and implementing it operationally or having it implemented.

How much does search engine optimization cost for businesses in Sydney?

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It depends on various factors. A typical billing model is the price calculation according to a monthly fixed price, which is also based on the effort and the hourly rate. Assuming hourly rates of around 100-150 euros, the services for backlink building at hourly rates of 8 hours, for example, can be 800 to 1200 euros (1200 – 1800 AUD) alone. The billing model can also vary for freelancers and the hourly rates are also different.

Startups and small businesses from Sydney typically pay 400-600 euros (600- 1200 AuD) to me, while larger established companies enjoy a significantly higher service effort and pay accordingly more. For smaller SEO projects and ad hoc support, the price can also be less than 200 euros. I decide that at my own discretion.

How long does search engine optimization take?

Search engine optimization is a longer process that is only reflected in the rankings over time. For completely new sites, significant results can be expected after 6 months. However, as mentioned above, it depends heavily on the search term, the competition and the strategies. So SEO success after 2-3 months is not uncommon. Are you interested in the topic of SEO search engine optimization Sydney? Please ask me.

SEO Sydney – these are my special fields as a professional

Along the three areas Offpage, Onpage & content creation for SMEs and private individuals, I have specialized in the following areas:

  1. WordPress SEO: this mainly includes technical optimizations in the dashboard, optimization for a holistic structure with regard to SEO factors, content optimization & web design. Based on my own experience with pages on different topics, I know exactly where the adjustment screws are when it comes to optimization and can further optimize your pages technically and in terms of content without any problems.
  2. SEO offpage or link building: External references from other sites are still among the most important ranking factors. And this is confirmed by many sites that are adorned with a large number of high-quality links. If you do without backlinks, you miss out on ranking potential.
  3. SERP domination: With suitable measures, the SERPs can be dominated by other pages in addition to your own page. Snippet optimization, suitable content strategies, YouTube optimization, markups and high-quality backlinks are just a selection of options.

What is the typical process for Sydney companies?

The first steps towards cooperation are important in order to get to know each other better and to better understand the strategies and ways of thinking. As an SEO freelancer, I can understand the corporate philosophy and get to know the business model of the Sydney company. Companies in the SME environment as well as the self-employed and private individuals can better understand my approach. The process looks like this:

  1. The first step is a free analysis with the status quo of the site. The desired domain is scrutinized in terms of technology, content and off-page. If companies can seriously imagine a cooperation, I take a closer look at the site. I am happy to create a rough strategy plan with the tasks to be tackled in advance.
  2. I look after customers from German-speaking countries and the local connection only plays a secondary role. If desired, I offer a free conversation by phone, video call or in a personal exchange. All important points and optimization ideas can be discussed there individually.
  3. The detailed creation of a roadmap or the completion of a timetable, taking all points into account, serves as orientation for optimization. Information such as the budget, goals and the current status of the website are taken into account. In this way, a concrete offer can be created.

Benefits of SEO Optimization for Sydney Businesses in Australia

  • There are many objectives associated with search engine optimization. Classic goals include:
  • More visibility through good rankings that have come into focus
  • More traffic & more visitors as a result of positive rankings
  • More awareness
  • More sales for your business in Sydney
  • More conversions in relation to the given objectives
  • Fewer bounces & high conversion rates
  • Individual SEO advice from experts
  • SEO consultant Khoa Nguyen from Munich

SEO Berater Khoa Nguyen aus München

My name is Khoa Nguyen, I am an online marketing expert, freelancer, entrepreneur, CEO and enthusiastic digital marketing guru. I’m active as an SEO freelancer here in Munich and I’ve noticed that, thanks to increasing networking, search engine optimization services can be carried out across borders in many countries around the world without any problems. For a profitable business, I always pay attention to a careful selection of customers and reserve the right to reject customer inquiries.

Are you interested in professional search engine optimization for Sydney and the surrounding area? As a longtime online marketing guru, I have already optimized more than 200 domains, develop new SEO strategies for SMEs in German-speaking countries and, above all, I am innovation-oriented. For me, SEO projects are not one-off affairs over a short period of time, but long-term affairs. I enjoy this trust from my customers, who, despite the flexibility of a monthly cancellation, place their full trust in SEO, SEA and social ads. In SEO consulting, I focus on three core areas:

SEO Analysis for Sydney Businesses

Sydney is a city where your business meets other competitors. Targeted SEO analysis and digital marketing services give you a direction. With a targeted roadmap and a clear focus, you can use SEO optimization to set your business in the right direction for success. This is important in order to record the common goals. Whether technical SEO analysis, backlink audit or general SEO concepts with a focus on the most important KPIs – I am very fit in the analytical area.

Individual SEO support for your project

Are you looking for an SEO expert in Sydney to act as a sparring partner for your project? Your online business is in the right hands with me. I have looked after corporations and global brands, advised medium-sized companies and, thanks to my pedagogical skills as a qualified commercial teacher, I can introduce newcomers and start-ups to the fascinating world of search engine optimization and accompany them until they can optimize the points independently.

Optimization of the SEO processes in the company

Your company would like to implement online marketing processes and is looking for an expert in this area? During my career I have already introduced newcomers, trainees, interns and experienced employees to the processes and, thanks to my experience as an in-house SEO and as an SEO manager in the agency, I know the processes to be optimized.

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